Врач должен обладать взглядом сокола, руками девушки, мудростью змеи и сердцем льва.
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Исследование по профилактике катетер-ассоцированных инфекций в ОРИТ!!! Примите участие.
Dear ,

Please find below some preliminary results for the survey on prevention of central-line associated infections in ICUs. As per September 1st, 2015 (2 months after launching the survey) , 2459 completed responses have been received from 72 different countries.

Your help in improving participation in underrepresented countries would be very much appreciated. The survey will remain online until the end of October 2015. Next update will be communicated at the beginning of October.

We remind you that after publication of the main results in an open-access peer-reviewed journal, country-specific results will be posted online which should help in identifying priorities for improvement (the more replies per country, the better). Also, the entire database will be deposited in an open-access repository for use by other researchers.

To access the survey (or to circulate it further) in all of the 10 languages please refer to the World Federation site using the following link:


Best wishes,
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